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Whey Isolate – The Ultimate Whey Protein Isolate

What is Whey Isolate?

Whey protein is one of the two proteins found in milk, the other being casein. Whey protein is the water-soluble part of milk that is then turned into a whey protein powder supplement.

Genetidyne only uses the highest (90% WPI) whey protein isolate powder on the market in our Whey Isolate. This allows us to maximize fat loss and muscle growth by taking out fat and using the highest content of protein.

As far as taste goes – we include real pieces of candies in our Whey protein isolate powder to make the taste equally as great as the results!

The Difference Between Whey Protein and Whey Protein Isolate Powder

There are three main differences between whey protein and whey isolate, and these lie in the amounts of lactose, protein, and fat.

  • Protein – Whey isolate has a higher percentage of protein while traditional Whey protein has a lower percentage.
  • Lactose – Whey protein isolate powder has less lactose, while traditional whey has much more. This is extremely important for anyone that may be lactose intolerant or have problems digesting lactose.
  • Fat – Whey isolate has less fat with more protein, while traditional whey has quite a bit of fat leftover.

The Benefits of Whey Protein Isolate Powder

  • Lose Fat and Preserve Muscle – During the process of creating whey protein isolate powder, much of the fat is taken out while most of the protein stays. This means that for anyone trying to lose fat and gain muscle, whey protein isolate powder is the perfect supplement for you.
  • Increase Size and Strength – With the high amounts of protein, it is no wonder why taking WHEY Isolate gives users the ability gain size and strength. Although you may be able to accomplish the same goals with a traditional diet, supplements can help quicken and turbo charge your results.
  • Fast Digestion – Due to the special process of creating whey protein isolate powder, most of the undesirable and hard-to-digest parts are removed. This means that when your body digests it after a workout, the protein will go straight to the muscles and will be completely digested within 30 minutes.