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Genetilean (Low-Carb Meal Replacement)

Genetilean (Low-Carb Meal Replacement)

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In today’s busy world, eating a well balanced diet isn’t always easy.  Often times our choices are limited and our food selection isn’t always up to par. Genetilean was created to help fill the void when a good nourishing meal isn’t always readily available.  2 scoops provides 44g of protein (coming from 3 sources) , 7g of carbohydrates, 8g of fat (primarily coming from powdered MCT oil) and 1000iu of vitamin D.  With 2 amazingly delicious flavors to choose from, making a filling and nutritious meal choice has never been easier.

Why Choose Genetilean Meal Replacement Powder?

There are so many Meal Replacement Powders on the market, that it can make your head hurt trying to decide which is best for you. We want to make that process easier by providing our customers with a brand they can trust.

Genetidyne only uses the highest (WPC 80%) Whey Protein Concentrate on the market to manufacture our delicious Whey protein powder. Our Whey uses undenatured, cold-processed Whey protein concentrate that we source from dairy farms in Wisconsin. We rely on only the highest quality Whey protein concentrate to manufacture our Genetilean Meal Replacement powder.

Genetidyne also uses the highest (WPI 90%) Whey Protein Isolate on the market to insure fast and complete digestion.  Finally, Genetidyne utilizes the highest Quality Micellar Casein to insure slow digestion of the protein.  This will keep you fuller longer.  There is nothing worse than drinking a “Meal Replacement” only to be hungry 20 minutes later.  Because Genetidyne uses only instantized Whey Protein Concentrate,  Whey Protein Isolate, and Micellar Casein, it mixes with just the turn of a spoon – no more clumpy protein powders that do not mix properly!

     The Benefits of Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolate Powder

    • Lose Fat and Preserve Muscle – During the process of creating whey protein isolate powder, much of the fat is taken out while most of the protein stays. This means that for anyone trying to lose fat and gain muscle, whey protein powder is the perfect supplement for you.
    • Increase Size and Strength – With the high amounts of protein, it is no wonder why taking WHEY protein gives users the ability gain size and strength. Although you may be able to accomplish the same goals with a traditional diet, supplements can help quicken and turbo charge your results.
    • Fast Digestion – Due to the special process of creating whey protein powder, most of the undesirable and hard-to-digest parts are removed. This means that when your body digests it after a workout or for a meal replacement, the protein will go straight to the muscles and will be completely digested within 30 minutes.

      The Benefits of Casein Protein Powder

  • Longer Lasting – Casolate was developed to provide protein at different rates. The whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate absorb rapidly into the system after a workout, while the Micellar Casein will keep you full longer while your body takes more time to digest.
  • More Muscle Size – With the longer digestion, your muscles will have a constant supply of protein promoting growth.
  • High Quality Protein – We use instantized proteins, one of the highest quality sources of protein available that mix instantly with the turn of the spoon.
  • Greater Fat Loss – Studies have shown that while casein protein powder promotes muscle growth, it also helps enhance fat loss when combined with proper exercise and a healthy diet.
  • Recovery While You Sleep – Due to its slow absorption rate, taking Genetilean before bed can help with muscle recovery and growth for hours while you sleep.
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