Whey3 (Premium 3 Source Protein Blend)

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Whey3 – Our Whey, Isolate, & Casein Protein Powder

Understanding Whey, Isolate, & Casein Protein Powder?

Casein, whey, and whey isolate are the three main proteins present in milk and cheese. When separated and extracted from milk for supplemental use, you get whey, isolate, and casein protein powder.

Our Whey3 is a blend of the highest (WPI 90%) Whey Protein Isolate, (WPC 80%) Whey Protein Concentrate, and Micellar Casein on the market. Our goal is to create the highest quality whey, isolate, and casein protein powder you can find. It is undenatured and cold-processed insuring that the protein remains intact and is fully utilized by the body. All of our proteins are sourced from the dairy farms in Wisconsin.

The Difference Between Casein Protein and Whey Protein

Unlike whey and whey isolate, casein protein powder is a “slow” protein. Micellar Casein takes much longer to digest and breakdown, reaching peak protein synthesis about 3 to 4 hours after consumption.

With Genetidyne’s Whey3, we combine slow-absorbing casein protein powder with fast-acting whey and whey isolate proteins. This means that after a workout, one serving of Whey3 is all you need to replenish needed amino acids and nutrients for muscle recovery.

Advantages of Our Casein Protein Powder

The addition of casein protein powder in Whey3 gives this supplement a number of advantages over traditional whey or whey isolate supplements. Some of the advantages to our Whey3 protein powder include.

  • Longer Lasting – Whey3 was developed to provide protein at different rates. The whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate absorb rapidly into the system after a workout, while the Micellar Casein will keep you full longer while your body takes more time to digest.
  • More Muscle Size – With the longer digestion, your muscles will have a constant supply of protein promoting growth.
  • High Quality Protein – We use instantized proteins, one of the highest quality sources of protein available that mix instantly with the turn of the spoon.
  • Greater Fat Loss – Studies have shown that while casein protein powder promotes muscle growth, it also helps enhance fat loss when combined with proper exercise and a healthy diet.
  • Recovery While You Sleep – Due to its slow absorption rate, taking Whey3 before bed can help with muscle recovery and growth for hours while you sleep.